Contributing Artists

Tina Auer

free-lancer, artist, time’s up… FIXME [more]

Avatar Body Collision

is Vicki Smith (new zealand), Helen Varley Jamieson (currently Australia), Leena Saarinen (Finland) and Karla Ptacek (England). FIXME [more]

Diana Burgoyne

performer and electronic folk artist … FIXME [more]



netartist, researching the relation between virtual reality and real life FIXME [more]

Monika Fleischmann

Monika Fleischman

german research artist, fashion design, computer graphics … FIXME [more]

Christina Goestl

electronical media artist, creates interactive applications and open systems …
FIXME [more]

Kathy Rae Huffman

by Kathy Rae Huffman,,Going up on the river: left to right, Kathy Rae Huffman with Hull Time Based Arts business development manager Rick Welton, City Arts officer Paul Holloway and Rob Gawthrop, HTBA chair.

writer, curator and lecturer… FIXME [more]

Helen Varley Jamieson

Bildnachweis: Helen Varley Jamieson,,

writer, theatre practitioner and digital artist. FIXME [more]

Nicole Pruckermayr

Nicole Pruckermayr

(media-)installation, video and music sometimes alone sometimes with other people. FIXME [more]

Boryana Rossa

Boryana Rossa (Bulgarian, b. 1972). Celebrating the Next Twinkling (Praznuvane na sledvascia mig), 1999. Single-channel video, Edition of 2, 2 min. 45 sec. Private collection. Photograph courtesy of the artist. Boryana Rossa, by Paul Laster

makes photographs, movies, artistic actions and combinations of all these. FIXME [more]

Janneke Schönenbach

free artist, illustrator, graphics-designer. FIXME [more]

Andrea Sodomka

Bildnachweis: Andrea Sodomka
member of alien productions as an artist’s network for theory and aesthetics of new technology and media. FIXME [more]

Nina Sobell

Bildnachweis: Nina Sobell

Nina Sobell pioneered the use of video, computers, and interactivity in art FIXME [more]

Eva Ursprung

Bildnachweis: Eva Ursprung

free lancing artist, working with sound, video and conceptional photography FIXME [more]

Faith Wilding

subRosa, reproducible cyberfeminis and researcher FIXME [more]

Eva Wohlgemuth

Bildnachweis: Eva Wohlgemuth

concept- mediaartist FIXME [more]